Mar 5, 2008

A successful demonstration

It's nice that my 50th blog post can be the chronicle of a succesful demonstration.

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Some 500 people showed up, which in this country is a huge success. We made the news, too:

TV news:
YLE TV news (YouTube)
MTV3 news at seven (YouTube)
Nelonen (YouTube)

You can actually spot us in both clips. Hooray! I've been on television!

Tietokone: Mielenosoittajat muistuttivat eduskuntaa sananvapaudesta
Tietokone: Videokooste sensuurimielenosoituksesta
YLE: Internetin ennakkosensuurin vastustajat osoittivat mieltään

In related news, Suvi Lindén still has absolutely no idea what's going on.

Viestintäministeri puolustaa yhä estoa lapsipornosivuille (YouTube)
A-studio 27.2.08 (YouTube)

We heard several politicians speak, and no-one seems to have the slightest clue what the problem is. Not one mention was made of the Constitution of Finland, which the law flagrantly violates.

Meanwhile, the police are straightforwardly lying about their censorship. In the A-studio program I linked to above, the now infamous inspector Henriksson has the nerve to claim that all the blocked sites contain child pornography. Apparently he can't distinguish between a domain and a website, and makes a complete fool of himself in claiming that all blocked sites contain child pornography.

He also has absolutely no problem with the fact that the police have used a law that allows for the blocking of foreign sites to block a Finnish website. Henriksson says this is because the site owner is suspected of a crime, but that doesn't give the police any authority to block his website.

What have we learned? The Finnish Constitution isn't worth the paper it's written on, and the police have zero respect for the law and our human rights.

Welcome to Finland!

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