Dec 15, 2010

Marine engineering

I've previously confessed to liking traffic lights, and I'm also very fond of sea marks. You know, this kind of thing:

So guess what I made in Minecraft?


First of all, here's Snow Base:

It's my overnight stop on snow-gathering expeditions. It's a fairly long boat trip to Snow Base from my tower, and even though I established earlier that it's comparatively safe to travel on the water at night, navigating can be a bit tricky. (When I say comparatively safe, I mean perfectly safe, other than exploding cactuses dropping onto you from cliffs) So I made sea marks:

If you click on the picture below, you can (sort of) see a lane marked out with jack-o-lanterns.

This lets me find my way around the waters of Epic Island. I'll need to, because I'm done collecting snow and have found my way to my project site. Here's the "before" picture:

My wooden hut is on the hill to the left.

And here's the "after" picture.

One Blood Bowl pitch, regulation size. One square on the Blood Bowl board is one square on the map.

The end zone. I'm not finished with this project quite yet; once the grass has grown, I'm going to look into putting up some stands and, of course, digging the dugouts.


For now, though, it's time to head back home and prepare for the next challenge.


Anonymous said...

Now that's just awesome. :D

Aaro Sahari said...

Insane cool, man! Still the best stuff on the web right now, makes me laugh everytime.

Michael Halila said...

Thanks, guys! I appreciate the feedback.