Feb 23, 2011

Goblin Camp 0.14 out!

The new version of Goblin Camp is out! Get it at goblincamp.com. I had a go at it over the weekend.

Here's a lovely view of Camp Sixteen...

...just before imps attack from the charcoal burning clamp and set it on fire.

It wasn't so bad, actually. I only lost 5 orcs and 8 goblins. That is, until a swarm of killer bees and another bunch of imps showed up, and set everything on fire again.

At the end of the day, I'm down to five orcs and 16 goblins. Any way you look at it, it's way too few guys to defend a camp this size, which is conveniently proven true by two packs of starving wolves and, yes, a third group of imps. Now my camp is on fire and overrun with wolves.

After a party of kobold raiders also pays us a visit, I'm left with two orcs and six goblins, and a wrecked camp.

Having gone from a total population of 50 to eight, and with the camp in ruins, I might as well quit. It's hopeless.

Or is it?

Incredibly enough, I've managed to get the camp cleared up somewhat. At best, I had four orcs and over a dozen goblins! A fired golem later, the orcs were down to one and the goblins had taken a beating, but it looked like I might get this thing up and running again.

Until the imps showed up.

And it was all over.


No matter; let's try again. Here's Camp Seventeen:

And just as I was getting it up and running, guess who waltzes right in?

And this is what happened.

Goblin Camp. Harsh, but fun.

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