Mar 4, 2011

Zombies ate my boats

No, really. They did.

Observant readers may have noticed that the number of boats at my pier varied throughout the last post. Here are the images in chronological order:

Two boats, one boat, no boats. They're just gone. I like to imagine zombies joyriding around in them, but really, I have no idea what's happened to them. If a boat hits something solid at a high enough speed, it breaks, so maybe somebody came and broke my boats. I sure as hell can't find them anywhere.

Meanwhile, I'm beginning to suspect that the guys at Mojang have fucked around with the animal spawning code, because every time I go up to the roof of my tower in the new version, I see something like this.

There's an entire menagerie up there every time. I actually do think they've overdone the code; animals always used to spawn on lit grass, but not that many...

That's up, though, and lately I've been more interested in down. I was excavating my long staircase, from said tower roof to, well, all the way down. Here's a view up:

So I was on my way down, trying to hit bedrock here too. Eventually, I figure I'll have an epic underground tunnel connecting Twin Tower with my first base.

The thing with digging deep is lava. Apparently my co-blogger is awash in the stuff, but I've never seen so much as a single block of sweet magma. That is, until I dug deep enough beneath Twin Tower. Now, lava is both cool and dangerous; it's by far the gnarliest way to light a room, but you don't want to get any on you. I'd have screenshots of the two lava pools under my tower, if only I hadn't fallen into one of them.

Oh well.


Dying means I'm back where I started, and since I'm still in an underground mood, I decided to finish up a little room I'd been working on earlier. It's easy, really: just mine away anything that doesn't look like Moria.

Not that a hall that size would rate more than a closet in Moria, in Khazad-dum, but heck, I like it. I'll just build a bigger one lower down.

The trouble with mining is that you really have no idea where you are. As I went further east, I started running into more and more earth; a sure sign you're near the surface. Soon enough, I found water; it turns out I've only just cleared the hill my first base is in. I swam up and found this beautiful scene:

This hilltop will be the site of my next base. The water also provides a nice little touch to my underground lair:

Nothing like a waterfall. After a little digging, the great chasm is coming along nicely. The picture's a bit dark, though.

Right now, I'm way too tired to actually build anything, so I'll just keep digging. Next time, though, tower construction!

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