Apr 27, 2011

Goblin Camp 0.15

It's once again time for a new version of Goblin Camp! Go download it from goblincamp.com. Right now, the blog post can wait.

Once upon a time, Goblin Camp looked like this:

These days, it looks like this:

There's been quite a lot of effort put in the tile support, and community has produced a number of tilesets for your enjoyment. And if, like me, you prefer kicking it old school, ASCII mode is still there for ya.

The new version, naturally, comes with new features along with improvements to existing ones. The feature you're likely to notice first is seasons. Come winter, ground gets covered in snow and the river freezes over.

And when spring comes around the ice melts, leaving behind drifting ice floes.

Also pictured: water pollution spreading from your camp.

As everyone familiar with the game knows, the world of Goblin Camp is dangerous, and your fragile camp is surrounded by monsters. In previous versions all they wanted was to kill your people. This is no longer true in 0.15: now some of them just want to steal your stuff, and some, like the pair of cyclopes here, want to destroy the results of your hard work by trampling your camp to the ground.

Luckily, you aren't completely on your own. Some monsters, like the troll represented by 'T' to the left of the cyclopes, may choose to join your camp and fight alongside your orcs. Orcs have also made some military innovations, like battlements that allow them to fire arrows over walls, as demonstrated here to some pyromaniac imps.

And if imps do succeed in setting your camp on fire, goblins have gotten a lot better at firefighting.

The new defenses come in handy, because, as if the monsters weren't bad enough, your so called 'civilized' neighbors are also getting in on the action. If your camp becomes successful enough, jealous humans send entire armies to crush you.

And this time around, the game keeps track of everything you do. Want to know just how many poor goblins have died along the way? Just check the statistics.

All this, and more, awaits you a mere mouse click away. Just go download the game already!

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