May 13, 2011

Deeper underground

I am doing just that. First of all, though, my underground garden is coming along nicely:

And I saw a wolf! Haven't seen those before; they showed up a couple of versions ago.

Remember that rockface from my previous post? Here it is:

That is the great underground hall leading all the way to Twin Tower. Or would be, if not for one little thing:

Yeah. The ocean.


Next on this music-themed Minecraft update: Creedence Clearwater Revival.

I have!

Weather was just one of many things Notch introduced in version 1.5 (which he stole from Goblin Camp). It looks and sounds great, but at the moment the rain rather abruptly stops at the edge of a biome:

Nonetheless, it's a great addition I've been looking forward to for a long time. The sound of the wind and rain, especially when you're inside, is incredibly atmospheric. Way to go guys!


To get my tunnel further along toward Epic Island, I have to move deeper. Firstly, this involves deepening the chasm, which I'm working on with the aid of a chicken:

Not that it actually helps me. Because there's some lit grass at the top level (more on that later), peaceful animals spawn up there. Chickens make it down just fine by flapping their wings; the other animals occasionally take a downward trip as well. They make it, just not quite how they left:

Along the way down, I've found gold:

And had a Shelob moment:

The whole process of continuing my great underground passage requires moving down one level. So, here's the corridor through my underground base:

Through the door on the left are the stairs up to my base:

It's still unfinished, but through the next door:

Stairs to the next level!

That's something for later, though; for now, I've spent long enough underground. It's time to get back onto the surface and get started on another project...

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