Apr 9, 2012

HKIRBBTL: Titans-Buccaneers 2-1

The story of the Helsinki-Kotka Interregional Turboleague continues as the Tor Achare Titans travel to meet the Blood River Buccaneers! The two teams last met in the Antares Autobowl, where the Titans secured a 2-1 victory in an eventful game.

It's always tricky arranging a Blood Bowl game between sworn enemies like the Dark Elves and High Elves, and as thousands of fans gathered for this game, tensions ran high and finally boiled over when fans of both teams stormed the pitch on the opening kickoff! A few players were knocked down, but the onset of a ferocious rainstorm helped clear the pitch, and play started with the Titans kicking.

The receiving Buccaneers smashed into the Titans, with witch elf Solana Spikeheel leading the way by knocking out Titans catcher Faramir Neithan. Buccaneers runner Clarius Vile struggled to pick up the ball in the driving rain, but blitzer Mordak Blackheart knocked Titans lineman Ulundil out cold. A scrum developed by the Titans' left sideline, as the Buccaneers pushed Titans lineman Orodreth Ecthelion perilously close to the roaring crowd. Buccaneers lineman Khali charged the high elf, trying to push him into the crowd, but Orodreth surprised the dark elf with a devastating hit that sent Khali off the field with a concussion. Mere seconds later Mordak Blackheart blitzed Orodreth into the crowd, and fellow blitzer Athlan Icecold knocked out Titans thrower Beleg Strongarm.

Behind the carnage, Clarius Vile secured the ball, and with the Titans outnumbered 7-10, a Buccaneers touchdown seemed imminent. The Titans weren't quite done yet, though! Blitzer Finrod Angamaitë dodged away from the Buccaneers marking him and blitzed Clarius Vile. The runner quickly dumped off the ball, and Finrod Angamaitë intercepted the dump-off! Sadly for the Titans, he may have overreached himself, as Clarius Vile was able to knock him down. Solana Spikeheel recovered the ball. Even though Titans blitzer Teclis Turukáno added to his league lead in casualties by sending off Buccaneers blitzer Nasty Narsil, there was nothing he or anyone else could do to stop Solana Spikeheel from scoring to put the Buccaneers up 1-0.

There was only time for a short, desultory Titans drive before the first half ended. Orodreth Ecthelion had managed to make his way back to the Titans bench from the stands, but the pouring rain frustrated his attempt to record a completion. The Titans' apothecaries did a great job at halftime, succesfully reviving the knocked-out players for a second half where the Titans would now outnumber the Buccaneers.

Play started with Orodreth catching the kickoff and passing the ball to Beleg Strongarm. The Titans were still struggling to keep their players in the game as Buccaneers lineman Malsadrian knocked out Titans kicker Carecalmo, but catcher Faramir Neithan broke through the outnumbered Buccaneers and caught a pass from Beleg in the end zone for the Titans' first touchdown of the game.

Kicker Carecalmo was revived in time for the kickoff, and continued his excellent performance by planting the ball squarely in the far left corner of the field. The rain had stopped and with the gridiron quickly drying, the Buccaneers grabbed the ball and stormed toward the Titans' end zone. The visiting team continued their steady parade to the KO box as Buccaneers blitzer Avil Darksoul knocked out Titans lineman Caryarel Mothril, and Titans blitzer Finrod Angamaitë retaliated by knocking out Buccaneers lineman Tyrim.

As Buccaneers runner Clarius Vile dashed for the end zone he was sacked by Titans kicker Carecalmo, sending the ball bouncing wildly. After Mordak Blackheart failed to catch it, the ball bounced over the sideline and was thrown back into play by the crowd! Spotting his chance, Titans blitzer Teclis Turukáno dodged away from his marker, grabbed the ball and threw it to catcher Faramir Neithan, who ran down the pitch for his second touchdown of the game!

As the Buccaneers regrouped for their reception, a riot broke out in the stands! By the time order was restored, the game clock had run down, and more time was put on the clock - too much in the Titans' opinion, but the referees weren't swayed. This gave the Buccaneers an excellent opportunity to attempt the equalizer. Clarius Vile retrieved the ball and handed it off to lineman Hehtar, whose pass to Mordak Blackheart was off target. Titans thrower Beleg Strongarm grabbed the ball and tried a long pass to Faramir Neithan, but his pass also missed. Clarius Vile made one last attempt to recover the ball, but he fumbled it and the game came to an end as a 2-1 victory for the Titans.



Fans: TIT 8,000, BRB 6,000
Starting weather: pouring rain

BRB inducements: Bloodweiser babe (50,000 gp)

Titans win coin toss, elect to kick.

First half, Buccaneers receiving (pitch invasion)

BRB T1: BRB #7 blocks TIT #12, double skull, TURNOVER
TIT T1: TIT #12 fails dodge roll, TURNOVER
BRB T2: BRB #13 blitzes TIT #7, KO; BRB #11 fails to pick up the ball, TURNOVER
BRB T3: BRB #7 blocks TIT #16, KO; BRB #14 blocks TIT #15, skull, serious concussion, TURNOVER
BRB T4: BRB #7 blitzes TIT #15 into the crowd, stunned; BRB #11 picks up the ball
BRB T5: BRB #10 blitzes TIT #3, KO
TIT T5: TIT #1 dodges twice, blitzes BRB #11 who dumps off the ball. TIT #1 intercepts the dump-off, rolls a skull for the block, TURNOVER
BRB T6: BRB #13 picks up the ball
TIT T7: TIT #2 blitzes BRB #8, badly hurt
BRB T8: BRB #13 scores TOUCHDOWN

Titans receiving (brilliant coaching, TIT +1 reroll)

TIT T8: TIT #15 picks up the ball, passes to TIT #9, catch fails, TURNOVER

End of first half.

Second half, Titans receiving (quick snap)

TIT #15 catches kick-off.

TIT T1: TIT #15 passes to TIT #3, completion
BRB T1: BRB #2 fails dodge roll, TURNOVER
BRB T2: BRB #3 blocks TIT #9, KO
BRB T3: BRB #5 fails dodge roll, TURNOVER
TIT T4: TIT #3 passes to TIT #7, TOUCHDOWN

Buccaneers receiving (changing weather -> nice)

BRB T4: BRB #9 blocks TIT #13, KO; BRB #11 picks up the ball
BRB T6: BRB #9 fails dodge roll, TURNOVER
TIT T7: TIT #1 blocks BRB #2, KO; TIT #9 sacks BRB #11 (stunned); ball bounces to BRB #7, catch failed, ball bounces out of bounds; TIT #2 picks up the ball, passes to TIT #7 who scores TOUCHDOWN

Bucaneers receiving (riot, turn marker moved back)

BRB T6: BRB #11 picks up the ball
BRB T7: BRB #11 hands off to BRB #5, who passes to BRB #7, inaccurate pass, TURNOVER
TIT T8: TIT #3 picks up the ball, attempts long bomb to TIT #2, inaccurate pass, TURNOVER
BRB T8: BRB #11 dodges, fails to pick up the ball, TURNOVER

End of game.

Revenue: TIT 70,000, BRB 50,000

Fan factor: TIT +1, BRB -0

MVP: BRB #13, TIT #10

Advancement rolls: TIT #7 10 (MA/AV/new skill), BRB #13 2 (new skill)



Tor Achare Titans

#1 Finrod Angamaitë (blitzer) [interception]
#2 Teclis Turukáno (blitzer) [casualty, completion]
#3 Beleg Strongarm (thrower) [completion]
#7 Faramir Neithan (catcher) [touchdown * 2]
#9 Carecalmo (lineman) [sack]
#10 Ilmiril Telinturco (lineman) [MVP]
#12 Morelion Tethlis (lineman)
#13 Caryarel Mothril (lineman)
#14 Meryaren (lineman)
#15 Orodreth Ecthelion (lineman) [casualty, completion]
#16 Ulundil (lineman)

Blood River Buccaneers

#2 Tyrim (lineman)
#3 Malsadrian (lineman)
#4 Mornil (lineman)
#5 Hehtar (lineman)
#7 Mordak Blackheart (blitzer)
#8 Nasty Narsil (blitzer) [badly hurt]
#9 Avil Darksoul (blitzer)
#10 Athlan Icecold (blitzer)
#11 Clarius Vile (runner) [sack]
#13 Solana Spikeheel (witch elf) [touchdown, MVP]
#14 Khali (lineman) [serious concussion]


League table: [pts, goal differential, casualty differential, fatalities, completions, interceptions, sacks]

Brutes (4-0-0) 12 pts, 10-0, 6-2, 1, 1, 0, 2-2
Titans (3-2-0) 9 pts, 5-5, 9-2, 0, 13, 1, 6-4
Ravens (2-2-0) 6 pts, 4-6, 4-5, 0, 2, 0, 2-1
Mütants (1-1-1) 4 pts, 2-3, 3-3, 0, 0, 0, 2-6
Buccaneers (1-3-0) 3 pts, 4-5, 2-7, 0, 6, 0, 5-3
Murderers (0-3-1) 1 pts, 2-8, 1-8, 0, 8, 0, 3-3


Individual statistics:


Finrod Angamaitë (Titans): 3
Leifur Eriksson (Ravens): 3
Faramir Neithan (Titans): 2
Grab da Bol (Brutes): 2
Grambad (Brutes): 2
Slib'ry Ands (Brutes): 2
Sorgask (Brutes): 2
Dexgor (Mütants): 1
Galfir (Buccaneers): 1
Galhag (Brutes): 1
Galoth (Brutes): 1
Gorgor (Mütants): 1
Mordak Blackheart (Buccaneers): 1
Savure Uvalor (Murderers): 1
Shishi Yanumibaal (Murderers): 1
Solana Spikeheel (Buccaneers): 1
Tomas Haugen (Ravens): 1
Tyrim (Buccaneers): 1


Finrod Angamaitë (Titans): 1


Teclis Turukáno (Titans): 5
Harald Hårdare (Ravens): 2
Boss the Unbeaten (Mütants): 1
Braga da 'Ed Bash'a (Brutes): 1
Carecalmo (Titans): 1
Cyrus the Unbeliever (Mütants): 1
Dark Elf journeyman* (Buccaneers): 1
Dranas Dradas (Murderers): 1
Finrod Angamaitë (Titans): 1
Galhag (Brutes): 1
Galoth (Brutes): 1
Gatgor (Mütants): 1
Geri (Ravens): 1
Gladroon* (Titans journeyman): 1
Jan Axel Blomberg (Ravens): 1
Morgur (Brutes): 1
Nasty Narsil (Buccaneers): 1
Orodreth Ecthelion (Titans): 1
Piergor (Mütants): 1
Sorgask (Brutes): 1
Urghuk (Brutes): 1


Galhag (Brutes): 1
Gatgor (Mütants): 1


Beleg Strongarm (Titans): 5
Carecalmo (Titans): 3
Giron Manas (Murderers): 3
Avil Darksoul (Buccaneers): 2
Clarius Vile (Buccaneers): 2
Athlan Icecold (Buccaneers): 1
Balyn Omavel (Murderers): 1
Hans von Helvete (Ravens): 1
Ilmiril Telinturco (Titans): 1
Meryaren (Titans): 1
Mordak Blackheart (Buccaneers): 1
Nilos Talds (Murderers): 1
Orodreth Ecthelion (Titans): 1
Savure Uvalor (Murderers): 1
Shishi Yanumibaal (Murderers): 1
Slib'ry Ands (Brutes): 1
Teclis Turukáno (Titans): 1
Thor Åkenskaldi (Ravens): 1
Tussurradad (Murderers): 1
Ulundil (Titans): 1


Mordak Blackheart (Buccaneers): 2
Shishi Yanumibaal (Murderers): 2
Teclis Turukáno (Titans): 2
Tyrim (Buccaneers): 2
Azgrum (Brutes): 1
Beleg Strongarm (Titans): 1
Carecalmo (Titans): 1
Clarius Vile (Buccaneers): 1
Finrod Angamaitë (Titans): 1
Gatgor (Mütants): 1
Hans von Helvete (Ravens): 1
Kinzgor (Mütants): 1
Orodreth Ecthelion (Titans): 1
Shaungor (Mütants): 1
Sorgask (Brutes): 1
Stian Tomt Thoresen* (Ravens): 1
Tussurradad (Murderers): 1

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