Jan 19, 2011

Return to Epic Island - in beta

Not a lot to tell this time around; I've just done a lot of hard work. When I first saw Twin Peak, it looked like this:

Shortly before I died, I'd gotten to work on turning Twin Peak into Twin Tower, and it looked like this. The tree on top of it is still there, by the way.

After hours of hard work with pick and shovel, Twin Tower currently looks like this:

The sheer cliff face on the west side was so excellent that I decided to continue it all the way down, to build a proper pier for my boat. Here it is:

As you can see, that picture is an older one. Digging out the west slope was hard enough:

But worth it.

The west slope of Twin Peak, and quite a bit of the north and south faces as well, is now in these chests.

Meanwhile, Minecraft went beta shortly before Yule last year. No really big changes yet; the only major one seems to be that when you cut a tree down, the leaves slowly disappear and drop saplings. In Alpha days, the foliage would stay up even though the tree was gone, so you had to either plant a new tree at the same spot or hack away the foliage to avoid leaving an ugly sort of floating bush hanging around. So that's good!

That's me, by the way, in my iron breastplate and helmet and leather pants and shoes. As you can see, I'm outfitted for digging.

Here's a view of the work on Twin Tower in progress; the south face is pretty much finished, while the north side is still more of a tunnel.

Eventually, Twin Tower will live up to its name; that's the wall I built around the adjoining hilltop. Once I finish digging out the moat around the tower, I'll build a second tower on the land side.

Here's a view of the two towers from the northeast; it should also give some idea of the sheer scope of Epic Island.

To save myself a trip upstairs and to accommodate all the earth and rock I'm digging out, I had to install storage facilities on the bottom floor as well.

An, um, Minecraft dude's work is never done, so without further ado, I'm off to finish my moat. More soon!

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