Mar 19, 2012

HKIRBBTL: Skogen Mörke Dimmubowl 2012: Murderers-Ravens 1-2

Victory was on the line at final sunday (or as the Norse call it söndag) match between the Mephala's Murderers and Ragnarock Ravens. The Murderers had squeezed a tie with the 3rd Street Mutants on the day before and the Ravens were 1-1 after a victory against the Mutants and a nail-biter loss against Tor Achere Titans. As Skogen Mörke Dimmubowl was brainstormed into existence by the Ravens coaching staff (aka. Asatru Ahnold Azanulbizar Sjöfarare) after an abysmal defeat to Braga's Brutes, the hometown Ravens were given plenty of opportunities to win, while the tournament frontrunner Titans played just one game.

Now however either team could grab a hold of the Aili Mattila Memorial Trophy in the shimmering afternoon light of the Northern Norse Special (tm) Dimmubowl in snow-flooded Skogen Mörke. Having reclaimed their fans affections the Ravens were pleasantly surprised to see a total of 5000 hungover fans on ledgers while only 3000 Murderers maniacs had made the trip through ice clogged fjords of Nordmansland.

The game got underway with the Ravens receiving (on their own accord per new game strategy) under a clear sky and in brisk, barely freezing weather.

The Murderers were ready for the norse assault however and blitzed Ravens lineman Per Yngve Ohlin into the arms of slumbering fans. Luckily for Ohlin the crowd was too jubilant and merely got him stunned drunk on Northern Norse Mead.

Raven retaliation  was swift as blitzer Hans von Helvete showed the culprit witch elf Shishi Yanumibaal into the crowd for a mead pause too.

For a good while the Ravens were back to their old clumsy ways and the game broiled in a midfield melee the ball all but forgotten.

Finally lineman Tomas Haugen surprised himself and his coach by scooping up the ball and scooting off to the relative safety of the Ravens cage (also known as den låda).

With two more Murderers players getting KO'd by the frenzied Ravens werewolves and blitzers the teams defensive line was getting thin. This gave lineman Haugen a chance to slip through and make a run for it.

He was quickly surrounded by the remaining Murderer linemen but managed to stand on his feet clutching the ball in his frost bitten hands.

In the final moments of the first half the Ravens now had their opening. The rest of the team gouged a path for the blitzers, who then launched a surgical tag-team strike to release their teammate. Haugen promptly ran of putting everything on the line to score a touchdown.

Haugen was unavailable after the game as boisterous fans had manhandled him onto a longboat loaded with mead.

The Murderers were far from beaten though. They started the second half by snapping swiftly and storming the Ravens already underwhelmed left flank. Blitzer Harald Hårdare went out of the game with a roar, and is reported to have suffered a smashed knee. At the same time lineman Reidar Horghagen was showed of to same stand and knocked out cold.

This opened the field for the Murderers throwing offense. As a last ditch effort werewolf Geri tried to blitz the elves thrower but stumbled on his own tail.

The Murderers then had an easy time to tie the game 1-1.

The Ravens fans were fully woken and roared like the flames of Muspelheim thus lifting the home teams spirits for a tournament defining kick-off.

The game roiled again in the line of scrimmage as thrower Thor Åkenskaldi handed the ball to runner Leifur Eriksson, who promptly scampered off toward the end zone.

Eriksson didn't make it far before the elite Murderers were all in his business and the runner was taking toll of the blades of grass after a fierce sack by witch elf Yanumibaal.

The wolves were loose however and smelling victory (raw elk flesh) Geri and Freki jumped to their teammates rescue. The ball was forgotten amid fur, teeth, and claw until the helpful home team fans threw it back on the field right by Eriksson.

He continued the offense with teammates for protection. And even the superbly playing witch elf was unable to stop him from scoring.

Again the Ravens took the lead.

A wild gust of wind  surprised the elves. Asatru Sjöfarare surprised them as well, having changed players on his weak, left side. The Murderers ran into a determined Raven defense while the game clock was running out.

The Ravens therefore were able to clinch the game 2-1 and keep the Aili Mattila Memorial from going abroad. Drunken revelries commenced and Skogen Mörke was not, as a thousand bonfires lit up the night!

The Murderers lineman Vatollia Apo was elected MVP for having had the sense to stay out of the way.  Ravens MVP was lineman Reidar Horghagen for traditional norse reasons: crowd surfing and returning on field unscathed thereafter.

Ragnarock Ravens win Skogen Mörke Dimmubowl.



Fans: RAR 5000, MUR 3,000
FAME: RAR +1, MUR +0
Starting weather: nice

Ravens win coin toss, elects to recieve

First half:  RAR receiving (blitz)

MUR T0: MUR #7 blitzes RAR #96 into the crowd (stunned)
RAR T1: RAR #5 picks up the ball
RAR #63 pushes MUR #7 into the crowd (stunned)
RAR T2:  RAR #5 hands off to RAR #12, who fails catch, TURNOVER
RAR T4: RAR #12 fails to pick up the ball, TURNOVER
RAR #88 catches the bouncing ball
MUR T5: MUR #17 blocks RAR #63, attacker down, TURNOVER
RAR T7:  RAR #68 blitzes MUR #5, KO
RAR #55 blocks MUR #14, KO
RAR T8:  RAR #88 dodges and goes for it to score a TOUCHDOWN

1-0 Ravens

Murderers recieving (throw a rock, MUR #1 stunned)

MUR T8: MUR #11 picks up the ball, fumbles pass, TURNOVER

Second half:  MUR recieving (quick snap)

MUR #17 catches the kick-off

MUR T1: MUR #7 blitzes RAR #80 into the crowd, KO
MUR #1 blocks RAR #68, smashed knee (niggling injury)
MUR #17 hands off to MUR #5
RAR T1:  RAR #51 goes for it to blitz, fails roll, TURNOVER
MUR T2:  MUR #5 throws short pass to MUR #7, completion
MUR #7 dodges and GFI to score a TOUCHDOWN

Score 1-1

Ravens recieving (cheering fans, RAR +1 reroll)

RAR T2:  RAR #5 picks up the ball
RAR T3:  RAR #88 blocks MUR #9, KO
MUR T4:  MUR #7 sacks RAR #12
RAR T4: RAR #51 blitzes MUR #7, ball bounces into crowd, throw-in
RAR #12 picks up the ball
MUR T5:  MUR #16 fails dodge roll, TURNOVER
RAR T5:  RAR #91 blocks MUR #15, badly hurt
MUR T6:  MUR #7 blitzes RAR #12, attacker down, TURNOVER
RAR T6:  RAR #12 scores TOUCHDOWN

2-1 Ravens

Murderers recieving (cheering fans, RAR +1 reroll)

MUR T7:  MUR #2 blitzes RAR #96, attacker down, TURNOVER
MUR T8:  MUR #11 fails to pick up the ball, bounces into crowd, TURNOVER
RAR T8:  RAR #5 picks up the ball, passes to #63, completion

End of game.

Revenue: RAR 80,000 gp, MUR 10,000 gp

FAn factor: RAR +1, MUR -0

MVP: RAR #80, MUR #11

Improvement rolls: RAR #88 8 (new skill), MUR #11 9 (new skill)



Mephala's Murderers

#01 Dranas Dradas, blitzer [casualty]
#02 Nina, blitzer
#05 Giron Manas, runner
#07 Shishi Yanumibaal, witch elf [sack, touchdown]
#09 Balyn Omavel, assassin
#11 Vatollia Apo, lineman [MVP]
#14 Abassel Asserbassalit, lineman
#15 Nilos Talds, lineman [badly hurt]
#16 Savure Uvalor, lineman
#17 journeyman, lineman
#18 journeyman, lineman (proxied by #13 in the game)

Ragnarock Ravens

#5 Thor Åkenskaldi (thrower) [completion]
#12 Leifur Eriksson (runner) [touchdown]
#51 Geri (werewolf)
#55 Freki (werewolf)
#63 Hans von Helvete (blitzer)
#68 Harald Hårdare (blitzer) [niggling injury]
#75 Kjetil Haraldsson Manheim (lineman)
#80 Reidar Horghagen (lineman)
#88 Tomas Haugen (lineman) [MVP, touchdown]
#90 Stian Tomt Thoresen (lineman)
#91 Jan Axel Blomberg (lineman) [casualty]
#96 Per Yngve Ohlin (lineman)


Skogen Mörke Dimmubowl final standings:

1. Ragnarock Ravens (2-1-0) 6 pts, 4-2, 4-3, 0, 2, 2-1
2. Tor Achare Titans (1-0-0) 3 pts, 1-0, 2-1, 0, 2, 0-0
3. Mephala's Murderers (0-0-1) 1 pts, 2-3, 1-3, 0, 3, 1-1
4. 3rd Street Mütants (0-1-1) 1 pts, 1-3, 2-2, 0, 0, 2-2

League table: [pts, goal differential, casualty differential, fatalities, completions, sacks]

Brutes (4-0-0) 12 pts, 10-0, 6-2, 1, 1, 2-2
Titans (2-2-0) 6 pts, 3-4, 7-2, 0, 10, 5-3
Ravens (2-2-0) 6 pts, 4-6, 4-5, 0, 2, 2-1
Mütants (1-2-1) 4 pts, 2-4, 4-3, 1, 0, 3-9
Warriors (1-0-0) 3 pts, 1-0, 0-2, 0, 0, 3-1
Buccaneers (1-2-0) 3 pts, 3-3, 2-5, 0, 6, 4-2
Murderers (0-3-1) 1 pts, 2-8, 1-8, 0, 8, 3-3


Individual statistics:


Finrod Angamaitë (Titans): 3
Leifur Eriksson (Ravens): 3
Grab da Bol (Brutes): 2
Grambad (Brutes): 2
Slib'ry Ands (Brutes): 2
Sorgask (Brutes): 2
Chouatec (Warriors): 1
Dexgor (Mütants): 1
Galfir (Buccaneers): 1
Galhag (Brutes): 1
Galoth (Brutes): 1
Gorgor (Mütants): 1
Tomas Haugen (Ravens): 1
Mordak Blackheart (Buccaneers): 1
Savure Uvalor (Murderers): 1
Tyrim (Buccaneers): 1
Shishi Yanumibaal (Murderers): 1


Teclis Turukáno (Titans): 4
Harald Hårdare (Ravens): 2
Boss the Unbeaten (Mütants): 1
Braga da 'Ed Bash'a (Brutes): 1
Carecalmo (Titans): 1
Cyrus the Unbeliever (Mütants): 1
Dark Elf journeyman (Buccaneers): 1
Dranas Dradas (Murderers): 1
Finrod Angamaitë (Titans): 1
Galhag (Brutes): 1
Galoth (Brutes): 1
Gatgor (Mütants): 1
Geri (Ravens): 1
Gladroon (Titans journeyman): 1
Jan Axel Blomberg (Ravens): 1
Morgur (Brutes): 1
Nasty Narsil (Buccaneers): 1
Piergor (Mütants): 1
Sorgask (Brutes): 1
Urghuk (Brutes): 1


Galhag (Brutes): 1
Gatgor (Mütants): 1


Beleg Strongarm (Titans): 4
Carecalmo (Titans): 3
Giron Manas (Murderers): 3
Avil Darksoul (Buccaneers): 2
Clarius Vile (Buccaneers): 2
Athlan Icecold (Buccaneers): 1
Balyn Omavel (Murderers): 1
Hans von Helvete (Ravens): 1
Ilmiril Telinturco (Titans): 1
Meryaren (Titans): 1
Mordak Blackheart (Buccaneers): 1
Nilos Talds (Murderers): 1
Savure Uvalor (Murderers): 1
Shishi Yanumibaal (Murderers): 1
Slib'ry Ands (Brutes): 1
Tussurradad (Murderers): 1
Ulundil (Titans): 1
Thor Åkenskaldi (Ravens): 1


Mordak Blackheart (Buccaneers): 2
Shishi Yanumibaal (Murderers): 2
Teclis Turukáno (Titans): 2
Tyrim (Buccaneers): 2
Azgrum (Brutes): 1
Beleg Strongarm (Titans): 1
Finrod Angamaitë (Titans): 1
Gar'tzi (Warriors): 1
Gatgor (Mütants): 1
Hans von Helvete (Ravens): 1
Kinzgor (Mütants): 1
Maztzi (Warriors): 1
Orodreth Ecthelion (Titans): 1
Shaungor (Mütants): 1
Sorgask (Brutes): 1
Stian Tomt Thoresen (Ravens): 1
Tussurradad (Murderers): 1
Tzaruz the Rookie (Warriors): 1

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Hurra! Hurra! Hurra! Congrats Asatru Sjöfarare, grattis till segern! ;) Well done everyone, great tournament.
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