Mar 5, 2012

HKIRBBTL: War Ina Babylon 2012: Titans-Mütants 0-1

As winter relaxed its grip over the world, two teams traveled to the Sunken Lands in the northern reaches of Ulthuan, the high elf homeland, for the next episode in the ongoing saga of the Helsinki-Kotka Interregional Blood Bowl Turboleague: the inaugural War Ina Babylon tournament. Here, amidst the sunken ruins of the ancient elven kingdom, the age-old war between Order and Chaos would be fought out on the gridiron. Representing order were the Tor Achare Titans; on the Chaos side were the 3rd Street Mütants. The game would take place on the most dramatic stage yet seen in the Turboleague: a makeshift Blood Bowl stadium constructed on the remains of a waterlogged elven palace. Surrounded by the churning waters of the Great Ocean, the Titans and Mütants got the tournament started!

The tournament's close proximity to the Titans' home kingdom of Chrace guaranteed a good turnout, and Titans fans outnumbered the Mütants horde by more than two to one. Encouraged by their cheering fans, the Titans exploded off the line and blitzer Finrod Angamaitë smashed Mütants chaos warrior Boss the Unbeaten to the ground, knocking him out cold!

Thrower Beleg Strongarm retrieved the ball and blitzer Teclis Turukáno broke through the Mütants line, but Beleg Strongarm fumbled the pass!

Mütants minotaur Olegox charged into the fray, pushing Beleg Strongarm away from the ball. Meanwhile, in midfield, Titans lineman Ilmiril Telinturco was knocked out, and Mütants beastman Kinzgor was shoved off the pitch.

With both sides already short-handed, the Mütants got their... appendages on the ball:

Beleg Strongarm had been tackled to the ground, but he got back into the fray and sacked beastman Gorgor as a general mêlée developed for the ball.

Olegox stormed back in, knocking Beleg Strongarm out of the way as beastman Shaungor grabbed the loose ball.

Shaungor, in turn, was sacked by Teclis Turukáno, and in the fracas, the ball bounced to a startled minotaur who caught it!

Finding himself in the unexpected position of ball carrier, Olegox blitzed his way down the sideline:

He didn't realize his mistake until Titans lineman Orodreth Ecthelion delivered a thunderous blindside hit that sent the huge beast toppling into the crowd! The huge beast was so severely beaten by the spectators that he missed the rest of the game. The ball was thrown to the Titans' end zone line, and journeyman Gladroon was the only player who could get to it.

Two beastmen charged down the field to stop him:

With a receiver open, Gladroon tried to pick up the ball and throw it down the field, but he fumbled the pickup. Beastman Dexgor broke away from the Titans lineman marking him, grabbed the ball, blitzed the hapless Gladroon out of his way and scored the Mütants' first touchdown!

There was still time for a kickoff in the first half, but the Titans couldn't do any damage. Lineman Ulundil picked up a desolutory completion by passing the ball to Beleg Strongarm.

The second half opened with the Mütants receiving, up by one goal. As Titans kicker Carecalmo sent the ball flying toward the Mütants' half of the field, a freak gust of wind caught it and it splashed into the surrounding ocean! A touchback was awarded to the Mütants.

They quickly formed a cage on the left side of the field:

The cage advanced ponderosly, with the Titans doing their best to slow it down:

As the clock ran down and the Mütants' cage remained intact, the time for desperate measures came.

As the Titans stormed the cage, blitzer Teclis Turukáno dodged his way into the cage, knocked down beastman Viogor for the sack and grabbed the ball!

Unable to recover the ball, the Mütants did manage to blitz the Titans' only potential receiver. With no-one left who could reach the end zone in time, the Titans were handed a 0-1 loss. After the game, Titans head coach T.Rex was pleased with his team's defensive play in the second half, but greatly disappointed by the mistakes in handling the ball in the first. "Solid shield, broken spear," he said. MVP honors went to Titans lineman Ilmiril Telinturco and Mütants beastman Dexgor, who scored the game's only touchdown.

With this result, victory in the inaugural War Ina Babylon tournament goes to the forces of Chaos.



Inducements: 3SM Extra team training (100,000)

Fans: 3SM 3,000, TIT 7,000
FAME: 3SM +0, TIT +2
Starting weather: nice

Mütants win coin toss, elects to kick

First half: TIT receiving (quick snap)

TIT T1: TIT #1 KOs 3SM #1; TIT #3 picks up the ball
TIT T2: TIT #3 fumbles pass, TURNOVER
3SM T2: 3SM #9 KOs TIT #10
TIT T3: TIT #1 blocks 3SM #12 into crowd (stunned)
TIT #3 fails dodge roll, TURNOVER
3SM T3: 3SM #14 picks up the ball
3SM #11 blocks TIT #9, both down, TURNOVER
TIT T4: TIT #3 sacks 3SM #14
3SM T4: 3SM #7 picks up the ball
TIT T5: TIT #2 sacks 3SM #7
TIT #13 knocks down 3SM #14, pushback bounces ball to 3SM #5 who catches!
TIT T6: TIT #15 sacks 3SM #5 into crowd (badly hurt)
TIT T7: TIT #11 fails to pick up the ball, TURNOVER
3SM T7: 3SM #13 picks up the ball, blitzes TIT #11, scores TOUCHDOWN

1-0 Mütants

TIT receiving (quick snap)

KOs return.

TIT T8: TIT #16 picks up the ball, passes to TIT #3, completion

Second half: 3SM receiving (changing weather -> nice)

Kickoff bounces out of bounds, touchback to 3SM #11

TIT T2: TIT #1 blitzes 3SM #11, skull, TURNOVER
TIT T7: TIT #2 blitzes 3SM #11, sack, catches bouncing ball
3SM T8: 3SM #6 blocks TIT #1, both down, TURNOVER

End of game.

Revenue: TIT 70,000 gp, 3SM 20,000 gp

Fan factor: TIT -0, 3SM +1

MVP: TIT #10, 3SM #13

Improvement roll: 3SM #13 7 (new skill)



Tor Achare Titans

#1 Finrod Angamaitë (blitzer)
#2 Teclis Turukáno (blitzer) [2 * sack]
#3 Beleg Strongarm (thrower) [sack]
#9 Carecalmo (lineman)
#10 Ilmiril Telinturco (lineman) [MVP]
#11 journeyman
#12 Morelion Tethlis (lineman)
#13 Caryarel Mothril (lineman)
#14 Meryaren (lineman)
#15 Orodreth Ecthelion (lineman) [sack]
#16 Ulundil (lineman) [completion]

3rd Street Mütants

#1 Boss the Unbeaten (chaos warrior)
#5 Olegox (minotaur) [badly hurt]
#6 Piergor (beastman)
#7 Shaungor (beastman)
#8 Gatgor (beastman)
#9 Zimgor (beastman)
#10 Angor (beastman)
#11 Viogor (beastman)
#12 Kinzgor (beastman)
#13 Dexgor (beastman) [touchdown, MVP]
#14 Gorgor (beastman)


League table: [pts, goal differential, casualty differential, fatalities, completions, sacks]

Brutes (4-0-0) 12 pts, 10-0, 6-2, 1, 1, 2-2
Warriors (1-0-0) 3 pts, 1-0, 0-2, 0, 0, 3-1
Mütants (1-1-0) 3 pts, 1-1, 2-1, 1, 0, 1-7
Titans (1-2-0) 3 pts, 2-4, 5-1, 0, 8, 5-3
Buccaneers (1-2-0) 3 pts, 3-3, 2-5, 0, 6, 4-2
Ravens (0-1-0) 0 pts, 0-4, 0-2, 0, 0, 0-0
Murderers (0-2-0) 0 pts, 0-5, 0-5, 0, 5, 2-2


Individual statistics:


Finrod Angamaitë (Titans): 2
Grab da Bol (Brutes): 2
Grambad (Brutes): 2
Slib'ry Ands (Brutes): 2
Sorgask (Brutes): 2
Chouatec (Warriors): 1
Dexgor (Mütants): 1
Galfir (Buccaneers): 1
Galhag (Brutes): 1
Galoth (Brutes): 1
Mordak Blackheart (Buccaneers): 1
Tyrim (Buccaneers): 1


Teclis Turukáno (Titans): 3
Braga da 'Ed Bash'a (Brutes): 1
Dark Elf journeyman (Buccaneers): 1
Finrod Angamaitë (Titans): 1
Galhag (Brutes): 1
Galoth (Brutes): 1
Gatgor (Mütants): 1
Gladroon (Titans journeyman): 1
Morgur (Brutes): 1
Nasty Narsil (Buccaneers): 1
Piergor (Mütants): 1
Sorgask (Brutes): 1
Urghuk (Brutes): 1


Galhag (Brutes): 1
Gatgor (Mütants): 1


Beleg Strongarm (Titans): 3
Carecalmo (Titans): 3
Avil Darksoul (Buccaneers): 2
Clarius Vile (Buccaneers): 2
Athlan Icecold (Buccaneers): 1
Giron Manas (Murderers): 1
Meryaren (Titans): 1
Mordak Blackheart (Buccaneers): 1
Nilos Talds (Murderers): 1
Savure Uvalor (Murderers): 1
Shishi Yanumibaal (Murderers): 1
Slib'ry Ands (Brutes): 1
Tussurradad (Murderers): 1
Ulundil (Titans): 1


Mordak Blackheart (Buccaneers): 2
Teclis Turukáno (Titans): 2
Tyrim (Buccaneers): 2
Azgrum (Brutes): 1
Beleg Strongarm (Titans): 1
Finrod Angamaitë (Titans): 1
Gar'tzi (Warriors): 1
Gatgor (Mütants): 1
Maztzi (Warriors): 1
Orodreth Ecthelion (Titans): 1
Shishi Yanumibaal (Murderers): 1
Sorgask (Brutes): 1
Tussurradad (Murderers): 1
Tzaruz the Rookie (Warriors): 1


Ilkka Halila said...

On behalf of Bray Shaman Darkhoof I'd like to bring to light the fact that the first image in the report has obviously been cropped to show the Chaos supporters in a bad light. I have the _unedited_ photo of the situation right here.

I think we'd all like it if this blog didn't so blatantly further the elvish agenda.

Michael Halila said...

It is not the policy of this blog to tear loose the common veil of obvious empiricism (or in this case, photography) to open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that our readers shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the forums and comment threads of a new dark age.

Zuher said...

Awwwww...'dat iz da cutest Poodle-of- Change misha ever be seeing! 'Ear boy! Come say 'ello to Braga!