Feb 24, 2012

HKIRBBTL: Mütants-Warriors 0-1

With the Helsinki-Kotka Interregional Turboleague already in full swing, the two remaining unengaged teams waded into the fray as the 3rd Street Mütants traveled to Tlaxtlan to face the lizardman Warriors. An unseasonal snowstorm blanketed the ancient city of Tlaxtlan, perhaps brought on by the unholy arrival of the Mütants and their nine thousand howling fans, who vastly outnumbered the cold-blooded local supporters in the stands. Warriors head coach Logan, to all appearances a wolverine, explained his team's objectives in the pre-game press conference: "Our game plan is to score more touchdowns than the opposing team."

The Mütants won the kickoff and chose to kick first.

The ball flew high off the kick, and there was an initial mishap when skink Raz-tepz-olo fumbled the catch. Fellow skink Chozlat managed to grab the bouncing ball and the Warriors ran a cage down the right side.

The Mütants regrouped to stop them:

Relentlessly pushing the Warriors toward the sidelines paid off for the Mütants when beastman Gatgor blitzed Chozlat straight into the crowd!

Luckily he landed among the outnumbered home fans, but Mütants supporters grabbed the ball and threw it to their team.

Unfazed, the Warriors ran skink Chouatec down the sideline to get the ball back.

Mütants beastman Dexgor grabbed the loose ball but was sacked by Warriors saurus Gar'tzi. Back on the right side of the field, the enterprising Gatgor smashed into Raz-tepz-olo and left him dead on the field!

A furious fight erupted for the loose ball in left field between Gar'tzi and two of the Mütants' beastmen. As the beastmen were getting the best of it, Chouatec dove into the fray, grabbed the loose ball and ran down the field for the touchdown!

Despite going up by a goal, the Warriors were shaken by their team-mate's death as they set up for the kickoff.

In the dying minutes of the first half, they launched an ill-advised attack into the Mütants' half that left the valiant Gar'tzi badly injured.

The blizzard raged on as the two sides set up for the second half.

Dexgor caught the kick-off as the ball went high again, and the Mütants formed a cage to protect him.

The Warriors reformed on their right to meet the Chaos attack, and Warriors kroxigor Soboq and Mütants minotaur Olegox smashed into each other with a thunderous crash! Both big guys toppled to the astrogranite, but only Soboq got up, leaving the minotaur knocked out cold in a snowdrift.

Quickly, the Mütants switched their attack to the left side of the field, but the fleet-footed sauruses followed.

With the pocket closing in around him and time running out, Dexgor took matters into his own hands and tried to blitz his way into the end zone.

He was stopped cold by Tzaruz the Rookie, who sacked Dexgor as he tried to storm out of the pocket. Both players ended up lying in the snow as the ball bounced toward the Warriors end zone...

Mütants beastman Zimgor managed to dodge past the lizardmen and grab the ball:

With the hulking kroxigor bearing down on him, Zimgor was sacked by skink Maztzi. Crushing prudence to the sward, the beastman made one more attempt to grab the ball but was tripped up by Matzti, securing the Warriors a 1-0 win in their first game in the Turboleague.

MVP honors were awarded to Warriors saurus Grall'ex and Mütants beastman Gatgor, who made an impressive league debut with a fatality and a spectacular sack in the first half of the game. After a hard-fought victory in a tight game, Warriors head coach Logan only had a brief statement for the press on his team's performance: "Good."

For two teams new to the league, both the Warriors and Mütants did well in their debut, the Warriors coming away with the win and the Mütants making them pay a steep price by scoring the league's second fatality. The Warriors' speedy skinks and fearsome line will be something to look out for, as will the Mütants' unrestrained violence!



Fans: 3SM 9,000 TXW 3,000
FAME: 3SM +2, TXW +0
Starting weather: blizzard

Mütants win coin toss, elect to kick.

First half: 3SM kicking (high kick)

TXW #8 fails catch, ball bounces to TXW #6, who catches

TXW T1: TXW #14 blitzes 3SM #12, KO
3SM T2: 3SM #8 blitzes TXW #6 into the crowd (stunned), sack
TXW T3: TXW #3 fails dodge roll, TURNOVER
3SM T3: 3SM #13 picks up the ball
3SM #7 attempts blitz, fails dodge roll, TURNOVER
TXW T4: TXW #11 attempts blitz, fails dodge roll, TURNOVER
3SM T4: 3SM #6 attempts blitz, fails dodge roll, TURNOVER
TXW T5: TXW #11 blitzes 3SM #13, sack
TXW #2 fails to pick up the ball, TURNOVER
3SM T5: 3SM #8 blocks TXW #8, dead
3SM #10 fails dodge roll, TURNOVER
TXW T6: TXW #11 blocks 3SM #13, both down, TURNOVER
3SM T6: 3SM #13 fails to pick up the ball, TURNOVER
TXW T7: TXW #2 dodges, picks up the ball in two tackle zones, dodges out, scores TOUCHDOWN


TXW kicking (quick snap), both teams shorthanded (10-10)

3SM T7: 3SM #10 picks up the ball
3SM T8: 3SM #6 blocks TXW #11, both down: TXW #11 injured (broken ribs, miss next game)

Second half: TXW kicking (high kick); TXW outnumbered (11-9)

3SM #13 catches kick-off

3SM T2: 3SM #1 blitzes TXW #2, both down, TURNOVER
3SM T3: 3SM #5 blocks TXW #1, both down, 3SM #5 KO, TURNOVER
3SM T5: 3SM #6 blitzes TXW #16, skull, TURNOVER
TXW T5: TXW #16 blocks 3SM #1, both down, TURNOVER
TXW T6: TXW #16 blocks 3SM #13, both down, sack, TURNOVER
3SM T7: 3SM #9 dodges, picks up ball
TXW T7: TXW #4 blitzes 3SM #9, sack
TXW #4 fails to pick up ball, TURNOVER
3SM T8: 3SM #9 fails to dodge, TURNOVER

End of game.

Revenue: 3SM 60,000 gp, TXW 50,000 GP

Fan factor: 3SM -0, TXW +1

MVP: 3SM #8, TXW #13

Improvement roll: 3SM #8 3 (new skill)



3rd Street Mütants

#1 Boss the Unbeaten (chaos warrior)
#5 Olegox (minotaur)
#6 Piergor (beastman) [casualty]
#7 Shaungor (beastman)
#8 Gatgor (beastman) [sack, fatality, MVP]
#9 Zimgor (beastman)
#10 Angor (beastman)
#11 Viogor (beastman)
#12 Kinzgor (beastman)
#13 Dexgor (beastman)
#14 Gorgor (beastman)

Tlaxtlan Warriors

#1 Soboq (kroxigor)
#2 Chouatec (skink) [TD]
#4 Maztzi (skink) [sack]
#6 Chozlat (skink)
#8 Raz-tepz-olo the Lightning (skink) [dead]
#11 Gar'tzi (saurus) [broken ribs, sack]
#12 Oatl the Steady (saurus)
#13 Grall'ex (saurus) [MVP]
#14 Goq-Gar (saurus)
#15 Boqatltl (saurus)
#16 Tzaruz the Rookie (saurus) [sack]


League table: [pts, goal differential, casualty differential, fatalities, completions, sacks]

Brutes (4-0-0) 12 pts, 10-0, 6-2, 1, 1, 2-2
Warriors (1-0-0) 3 pts, 1-0, 0-2, 0, 0, 3-1
Titans (1-1-0) 3 pts, 2-3, 5-1, 0, 7, 1-3
Buccaneers (1-2-0) 3 pts, 3-3, 2-5, 0, 6, 4-2
Mütants (0-1-0) 0 pts, 0-1, 2-0, 1, 0, 1-3
Ravens (0-1-0) 0 pts, 0-4, 0-2, 0, 0, 0-0
Murderers (0-2-0) 0 pts, 0-5, 0-5, 0, 5, 2-2


Individual statistics:


Finrod Angamaitë (Titans): 2
Grab da Bol (Brutes): 2
Grambad (Brutes): 2
Slib'ry Ands (Brutes): 2
Sorgask (Brutes): 2
Chouatec (Warriors): 1
Galfir (Buccaneers): 1
Galhag (Brutes): 1
Galoth (Brutes): 1
Mordak Blackheart (Buccaneers): 1
Tyrim (Buccaneers): 1


Teclis Turukáno (Titans): 3
Braga da 'Ed Bash'a (Brutes): 1
Dark Elf journeyman (Buccaneers): 1
Finrod Angamaitë (Titans): 1
Galhag (Brutes): 1
Galoth (Brutes): 1
Gatgor (Mütants): 1
Gladroon (Titans journeyman): 1
Morgur (Brutes): 1
Nasty Narsil (Buccaneers): 1
Piergor (Mütants): 1
Sorgask (Brutes): 1
Urghuk (Brutes): 1


Galhag (Brutes): 1
Gatgor (Mütants): 1


Beleg Strongarm (Titans): 3
Carecalmo (Titans): 3
Avil Darksoul (Buccaneers): 2
Clarius Vile (Buccaneers): 2
Athlan Icecold (Buccaneers): 1
Giron Manas (Murderers): 1
Meryaren (Titans): 1
Mordak Blackheart (Buccaneers): 1
Nilos Talds (Murderers): 1
Savure Uvalor (Murderers): 1
Shishi Yanumibaal (Murderers): 1
Slib'ry Ands (Brutes): 1
Tussurradad (Murderers): 1


Mordak Blackheart (Buccaneers): 2
Tyrim (Buccaneers): 2
Azgrum (Brutes): 1
Finrod Angamaitë (Titans): 1
Gar'tzi (Warriors): 1
Gatgor (Mütants): 1
Maztzi (Warriors): 1
Shishi Yanumibaal (Murderers): 1
Sorgask (Brutes): 1
Tussurradad (Murderers): 1
Tzaruz the Rookie (Warriors): 1

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