Feb 2, 2012

HKIRBBTL: Ragnarock Ravens team

At second winter home field (Antares Bowl)

The players are:

5 Thrower Thor Åkenskaldi
12 Catcher Leifur Eriksson
63 Blitzer Hans von Helvete
68 Blitzer Harald Hårdare
80 Lineman Reidar Horghagen
88 Lineman Tomas Haugen
90 Lineman Stian Tomt Thoresen
91 Lineman Jan Axel Blomberg
96 Lineman Per Yngve Ohlin
51 Norse werewolf Geri
55 Norse werewolf Freki

All numbers are in accordance to NFL regulations. During the summer months the Ravens play their games at Fågeli Båll in Kotka, but seasonally they relocate to the warmer climate of Hel-sjunga-fors and the demi-legendary Antares field in the cusp of the meadows of Lots Ö.

The team is coached by great seer and domedag shamen Asatru Ahnold Azanulbizar Sjöfarare who in his youth played the ball as a blitzer for the Vanaheimr Vandals and the Muspell Monsters. The Viking League of olden days (äldre dagar) was of course played in the winter darkness, as summer was reserved for pillage and plunder over yonder. From this experience AAAS (or ass, as he is now known to his players) took with him a deep knowledge of extreme conditions blood bowl and a hard hitting style with a take-no-prisoners attitude.

The on-field leader of the team is undoubtably the flaming haired blitzer Harald Hårdare 68, who Ass discovered as boy of seven playing the regional league of Miðgarðr. He has surely inherited much of the old mans tricks and plays and is widely known for his foul manner and uncouth mouth.

For this inaugural intraregional season Ass has tapped to the youth potential of the northern lands by picking an up and coming star quarterback (thrower) Thor Åkenskaldi 5, from Hvergelmir stead. Whether the young man can stand up to the challenge remains to be seen. The seafaring son of master mariner Erik Thorvaldsson, Leifur Eriksson has shown promise with his fast feet and quick wit, but like Åkenskaldi has little experience in playing the ball. With some Asa forbearance he can blossom into a delicate northern flower though!

To bolsten the norse line Ass went to the wellspring of norse power, in the land of Åsgard at the house of Valhalla, where the all father and death god of Norse people, Odin himself gave the coach two wolf pups to raise. These Ass fed manflesh for long years and in remembrance to old ways gave them names Geri and Freki. Now these foul Vargr or werewolves are ready for some intraspecies action on the gridiron!

The vikings are coming!

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